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Karolczyk Law Group, PLC is a boutique law firm providing exceptional quality, cost efficient legal services to business in the Phoenix metropolitan area and beyond.  Mark E. Karolczyk, the principal of the firm, has practiced law in Phoenix and in commercial practice areas for more than twenty-five years, in large firms, small firms and as Vice President and General Counsel for a consulting firm whose process and quality improvement methodologies were delivered to the world’s largest corporations.

Through insights gained in those engagements, Mr. Karolczyk has developed an entrepreneur’s sharp focus on what matters for business success, as well as an understanding of the capabilities and structural imperatives of large businesses doing large jobs.  Regardless of the size of the engagement, the services provided by Karolczyk Law Group, PLC are designed first and foremost to accomplish desired business objectives while at the same time managing legal risks and requirements.  The firm strives never to let the necessity of solving legal issues in business transactions supersede or undermine the business objectives that motivate the transactions.

Finally, Karolczyk Law Group, PLC strives to deliver legal services nimbly and efficiently in a structure that permits the firm to keep legal costs manageable for clients.  The firm does only what it can do well and charges fairly for the services provided.  Because Karolczyk Law Group, PLC focuses its practice, costs are kept low and clients find that receiving quality service from an attorney with experience at the highest levels of the legal profession remains affordable.

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